5 Custom Home Trends for 2018

5 Custom Home Trends for 2018

As Home Builders in WA, we understand trends come and go but it’s always good to know what’s ‘in’ this season. If you’re custom building a house, it’s good to know the types of features that are easily available to you. Let’s go through some luxury home trends. Here’s Five of The Top Design Principles That … Continued

6 Point Summer Maintenance Checklist For Your Custom Home

Summer is nearly around the corner. As we welcome a new season, why not give your house a new look, too. Whether you live in a custom home or you’re planning to build one (and you’re still in your first house), taking care of it is essential. December to March are the months when we’re … Continued

Do You Need a Home Security System in Your New Custom Home?

With a custom home, everything you visualise, think about and dream of can become a reality. Those quirky hanging lights or mirror splashback in your kitchen. That feature standing bath tub or how your bedroom opens up to the balcony. Starts seeing it, feeling it, because this can be your new home. When you spend … Continued

Energy Efficient Homes: Why New Homes are More Energy-Efficient

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your family to live, nothing beats an energy efficient custom home. No current house will have every single feature you’d like. Green, efficient homes are built in a particular way to reduce energy consumption. This is one of the biggest advantages of building a new home – introducing … Continued

5 Tips to Streamline Your Home Building Process

Thinking of building a new house? The most important decision you’ll make is who you partner with to bring your dream home to life. If you’re looking for a Dunsborough builder, keep these things in mind. With proper planning, your build can be smooth and, actually fun. Here’s where you should start. Think of it … Continued

5 Home Design Features that Ooze Luxury

Luxury waterfront homes are more than just a beautiful-looking property. The house has to work for you and suit your lifestyle. There’s no point having a luxurious, two-storey home if it doesn’t serve your family. A Luxury home is more than just a beautiful-looking property. The house has to work for you and suit your lifestyle. … Continued

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2017

Get nervous ripping open your electricity bill? There is no denying energy prices are rising, but this doesn’t mean you lose the power. It’s getting easier (and more affordable) to build technology into your home design. The modern two story home is peppered with smart home devices to make it as self-sufficient as possible. This … Continued

5 Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Home

Buying your first home is like starting your career after university. You dip your toes in the property market with a small, entry-level house. But as the years go on, you begin to start flicking through more home magazines – dreaming of that kitchen, that backyard… finally, you decide it’s time to build your own … Continued