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Trendiest Home Designs in 2021: Is It Time For A House Design Upgrade?
posted on 19 July 2021 01:08 PM

Every year on the first day of January, it is not only the calendar year that changes. We also see the colour of the year updated, new clothes displayed, new hairstyles featured, and new phone models released. But most importantly, we, the people, together with the ever changing technology and trends, also evolve. As we, and everything around us evolve, it is only natural for us to feel like we need some serious upgrades in our lives. It could be as simple as buying a new set of clothes or a new phone, and if you have a little more to spare, maybe even a new car. But what screams upgrade more than upgrading your home to suit your new lifestyle?Before we go on let us be clear, we are not telling you to go and buy a house right now especially when you cannot afford it at the moment. Please don’t do that. However, even if you are not in the process of house buying yet, just carry on reading because we will try our best to provide you with as much useful information as we can so that when the time comes for you to buy your new home, you are well prepared. Out of all the trends, fashion, cosmetics, interior design, and business, house designs are probably the most overlooked. This is understandable because not everyone can join this trend. Frankly, it is quite an expensive trend to jump into but who’s to say that you cannot have a home that is always on trend since it is simply timeless.  Simple thought. 😉MSky Homes have lots of bespoke home designs already done for you. These designs can be changed to suit your site, and needs. The finished product is up to you.  You decide what inclusions you want internally and externally.  Your budget, family dynamics and lifestyle will dictate this to a large extent. The design process is a fun way of incorporating your whole family into the project, ensuring from the outset that everyone gets at least a bit of a say into how they would like the spaces to look like. Grasstree RangeWe have forged a reputation for creative design solutions on steep and challenging blocks – designs which are liveable yet stylish and maximising natural topography.The lower floor of the Grasstree 265 includes 2-Bedrooms with Bathroom, separate WC, Laundry, Rumpus and large wrap-around Patio. The Grasstree 290 has a slightly different configuration with three-Bedrooms, but excludes the Rumpus. An internal staircase provides access from the lower floor to the upper floor, which is similar for both homes. The upper floor has bed 1 and Study wing offset and angled from the rest of the upper floor rooms and includes an Ensuite and Walk-In-Robe (WIR).The Dining, Lounge, and Kitchen are placed at the back and open onto the side and rear Alfresco. The Powder and double Garage complete the upper floor areas while the Grasstree 290 also includes an impressive Media with double cavity sliding doors. Our Grasstree series will not only fulfill your dreams of a picturesque setting for your house but will also provide you with a well built structure that is a product of extensive preparation from our tradespeople. Gunnedah  RangeBecause all blocks of land are not the same, the Gunnedah 205 and Gunnedah 225 take in view to the front of the home. The Lounge and DIning both have views to the front through large glass windows while an Alfresco and Patio also sit to the front. There are four-Bedrooms plus Study to the Gunnedah 225 and three-Bedrooms to the Gunnedah 205. Both homes include an Entry, Ensuite, Bathroom, WC, separate Laundry and double Garage. Internal access from the garage opens directly into the Kitchen, making the transfer of groceries from the car into the homes a breeze. Our Gunnedah Range with its country-style designs can bring everyone together for fun and entertaining activities with its acreage spacious floor plans, giving you creative freedom to build out your yard just the way you want it. Kazan 525 Duplex The Kazan 525  was purposely designed for narrow metropolitan sites with the upper floor inset due to potential local authority building plane envelope and overlooking requirements), and the double Garage stretched beyond the upper floor to take advantage of “zero-boundary” sites. The design is highly functional with the Entry, Family (first living space), Walk-In-Pantry (WIP), Dining, Nook, Laundry, Garage, undercover Alfresco and Powder with vanity on the lower floor. The Nook is purposely placed on the lower floor and adjacent to the Powder, Entry and Garage for those who work from home.To the side of the Entry is the internal stairs to the upper floor where the Rumpus (second living space), covered Balcony, Bed 1 with tv recess, large Ensuite with enclosed WC and Walk-InRobe (WIR), Bed 2, Bathroom, WC 2, Powder 2 and Bed 3 reside. Above the Entry is the Void which creates a sense of openness which is hard to achieve on both narrow sites and within duplex homes. The Void also doubles as a simple way of communicating between the lower floor and upper floor and checking who is at the Porch front door.The Kazan 525 makes excellent use of the available space with built-in linen’s galore on both the lower floor and upper and Store beneath the stairs for more substantial items or dirty shoes. The two dwellings are separated by an NCC required separation (dividing) wall and subdivision may be permissible subject to local authority requirements.Our Kazan Range is designed with the outward appearance of a single-family dwelling yet features two-distinct entries, which is usually cheaper than building separate houses. Livingston RangeThe Livingston 285 with a four-Bedroom house and attached two-Bedroom granny flat is the ideal home for so many reasons: Do you have an elderly parent or parents whom you’d rather care for locally than in a nursing home? Check. Do you have an older child who will shortly be starting their own family and need their own space but can’t quite afford their own home? Check. And do you want to invest in bricks and mortar for your future and bring in some rental income? Check. The Livingston 285 truly checks all the boxes.The Livingston 285 includes all of the features you’d come to expect in a four-Bedroom home from the multiple award-winning M Sky Homes design team: Two living spaces; large covered outdoor entertaining space; open plan, well-thought-out spaces; ample storage; large kitchen; dedicated laundry and then they’ve seamlessly attached a two-Bedroom granny flat to the side!Towards the front of the main residence, you’ll find the double car Garage, covered Porch, Entry, separate well placed Media, Bed 4 and multiple enclosed storage spaces. A short stroll down the Hall and you’ll be presented with the large and spacious open plan Kitchen, Dining and Family opening onto the covered Alfresco outdoor space through a large bi-parting sliding door. To the right of the Kitchen is Bed 3, Bathroom, Powder, enclosed WC and Bed 2 with its own private Hall to reduce sound transfer and truly define the spaces. To the right of the Family living space, there is a dedicated Walk-in-Linen (WIL), Bed 1 with a large walk-through Walk-In-Robe (WIR) and the parents Ensuite.The attached granny flat positioned to the left of the main residence features its own covered Porch, Bed 2, open plan Kitchen, Meals and Lounge, separate Bathroom with Laundry facilities within and Bed 1 with private covered Patio.Many local authorities have developed fast track, and streamlined options for approval and some are waiving the rather expensive developer contributions so it makes sense attached and detached granny flats are popping up all over Australia.The main residence and attached granny flat are separated by an NCC required separation (dividing) wall.Our Livingston Range is a materialization of practicality, security, and comfort that should be found in every home. Quality Builds By UsThe designs we have provided are not even half of what we have to offer.  Check out our design magazine here to see various dynamic designs that can be altered to suit your site and needs while taking your budget into consideration. One of the hottest designs that we have at the moment is this two-storey house designed by the talented Rebecca Richards Design & Drafting. A symbol of modern elegance and timeless beauty materialized in a fine architectural work - make sure to check out this stunning two-storey house.Connect With UsMSky Homes is always committed to give you our 100%. It is our mission to achieve your desired results using modern techniques and advances in technology, continually exceeding your expectations. Our team boasts simple and elegant designs that are truly timeless and will never go out of style. We will guide you in making the right decisions to build a home that suits your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today. 

Building Your Hillside Haven in the South West of WA
posted on 16 June 2021 02:45 PM

“A house on a hillside” sounds like a title to a cheesy romantic comedy movie. Aside from the poetic impression the phrase gives, it also teases the reader’s mind to think of a peaceful subterranean setting that feels like a dream. But while some are dreaming, others are planning to turn their hillside fantasy into a reality. The View Building a house in a ravine or hilly location or area would nine out of ten times mean building on a slope. Of course, you always have the option to settle for a little less steep site but you will miss the aesthetic advantages that a sloping site has to offer. A slope may either mean being immersed  in the breath-taking views of the forest canopy or a prominent view of the mountains, lakes, or in the South West of WA, like Margaret River,  Geographe Bay,  or Dunsborough you can have the option to purchase blocks with gorgeous aqua blue views of the Indian Ocean. The LandscapeBuilding a home on a slope designates multiple levels in the floor plan. This will enable you to plan for creating stunning exterior designs that are set over several levels. You may choose to set up more privacy from your neighbours or a more laid back space with outdoor living spaces to take in the stunning views.   The Natural LightingHillside houses are often perfectly placed to gain lots of natural lighting. It is the most sought-after perk of homeowners that are intent on building their homes on the sloping blocks around the South West.  The obvious choice of skylights and massive windows also gives the impression of having a much bigger space than the actual. Raking ceilings can add to the grandeur.The Cost of Living Many sloping site custom designed M Sky homes are built to promote sustainability. Properly sourced materials with careful strategic planning can significantly reduce your energy bills as well as provide a more naturally occurring drainage. Talk to us about this when you contact us. The use of skylight and massive windows can aid in the ventilation and provide natural lighting that would then reduce the use of air conditioning and lights. Naturally occurring drainage on the other hand, signifies less need for installation of artificial drainage systems which would not only be sustainable but also practical. Work With Us If you are planning to effectively enjoy the advantages mentioned above, the crucial first step is to find a partner that is well-versed in designing your dream home. M Sky Homes has been in the industry for quite a while. We have a strong track record of beautifully designed and liveable homes that have won many an award.  We can work with you through the design and build process or build from existing plans. We’re all about making building a home a positive and pleasurable experience.If you are having a hard time trying to visualise a custom design for your hillside haven, Worry no longer...  we have a vast collection of trending home designs that can be altered to suit your taste without a problem.  Pacific 280One of the designs we are most proud of is the Pacific 280 . This floor plan offers a broad range of possible housing solutions for steep sites. It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double garage plan. This design is ideally suited to sites with excessive up sloping land or those with floor requirements preventing a large area of lower floor habitable spaces.You can access the upper floor via an external set of stairs which is about the lower floor double garage. The front porch provides access to the entry, which is adjacent to the 4th bedroom which boasts it's very own ensuite.  Perfect for a guest room or even an Airbnb Room!Grasstree 290The idea behind the Grasstree 290 design is to leave an impression that is liveable yet stylish with efforts to maximise natural topography. It is a 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom, double garage plan. Two of the beds and 1 bath are located on the lower floor together with a separate water closet, laundry, and a large wrap-around patio. An internal staircase provides access from the lower floor to the upper floor where you shall then find Bed 1 and the adjoining study wing, offset and angled from the rest of the upper floor rooms which also includes an ensuite and Walk-In-Robe (WIR). The dining, lounge, and kitchen are placed at the back and open onto the side and rear Alfresco. The powder and double garage complete the upper floor areas and also includes an impressive media with double cavity sliding doors We Think DifferentlyThese are just a few of the designs that we are very proud to share with you. Should you feel like you want something changed or added to fulfil your vision at the same time provide further comfortability and security for your family, we will not hesitate to work it out with you in every step of the way.            Think differently with us, contact us now.          

Why the South West of WA is a great place to live!
posted on 26 May 2021 01:15 PM

Try to recall the relaxing places that you see in postcards. The captivating beauty of the image that is so inviting you wanted to transport yourself in the picture right then and there. But what if we told you there is an easy way to pursue your dream of living in a picturesque location? Yes, there is! One of the most beautiful postcard worthy places is the South West of Western Australia. Boasting some of  the states’ best beaches, forests, wine regions, and natural parks, it's living like a holiday, everyday. But hold on! Before you actually start packing your things and moving, let us tell you more about the dream that is the South West. The South West is a modest region in Western Australia known for its tourism, food, industry sectors, and biodiversity. With the character of a small city but the strength of a major city, it's no wonder that more and more people are considering building their holiday paradise in the region. It's close enough to the major city of Perth for many people to feel comfortable that they have the ability to drive there to purchase furniture or other big items, as well as the great shopping that's readily available in the cities!The Peace and QuietThe atmosphere of the South West is generally relaxed. The Coastal towns such as Dunsborough, Busselton, and Margaret River are well known, and there are several inland towns such as Manjimup and Donnybrook to name only a couple,  that are only a stone throw away from the coast, provide its inhabitants with a steady sense of calm that is in huge contrast to the stressful bustling major cities.The biggest town in the region is Bunbury, but even with more than 60,000 occupants within the city and its surrounding areas, it is still considered relatively slow paced.The LifestyleYour usual sleep-eat-work-repeat lifestyle would not be exactly fit into a place such as the South West. 😉 With everything that it has to boast about its famous wineries and distilleries, and great places to eat, as well as the beautiful hiking trails and surfing beaches, you would be easily encouraged to participate in such activities. It will not only motivate you to get up and get moving but at the same time it will also be a feast for your eyes everywhere you go. And if you consider yourself more of a homebody, not to worry, there is always an option of creating your own fantastic outdoor space. M Sky Homes certainly know the area well enough to help you design the perfect living areas within and outside your home. The Mediterranean climate in the region allows for great outdoor picnics in the summer and the warm cosy fire and barbecue when it gets colder just like a little adventure at home. The NeighbourhoodMoving to a new place always means being a part of a new community. This might be a difficult situation in the major cities but it is much  easier in smaller towns. Because of the smaller population, it is easier for the people to be able to see each other and interact. Establishing a sense of familiarity makes it easier to build a strong sense of community. We’re talking actual friendships here. It’s not just interactions limited to a few hi’s and hello’s but a full blown conversation that often leads to Sunday brunch, a wine tour together,  and weekend beach trips. The MoveIf you were completely encouraged by the reasons above to finally put down the postcards you have been dreaming about and actually start living in the picturesque South West, we support you 100%. 😍Although the prospect of moving to a completely different place in a completely different environment might be overwhelming at first, it’s really not as hard as you might think as long as you have the right people to help you. Of course, there are a lot of things you have to consider before you are making the move; like the specific town you want to settle in, the budget and plans for your new home, the proximity of your neighbourhood to hospitals, schools, offices,  supermarkets and other commercial establishments. What type of work you do will also be a major contributing factor. Major towns in the South West like Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough, Geographe Bay, and Bunbury might differ in the kind of friendly neighbourhoods and developing industries within their own areas, but they all share the same laid-back energy that just reminds you of paradise.Once you have settled on the location, you now have to plan for your new home. Of course, to make life so much easier, you can always just buy a fully-furnished house to be less concerned about construction dilemmas. But how could you truly live the dream without your custom dream home?Luckily, building your dream home is not as complicated as it seems either. Quality and trusted home builders exist in the South West. Companies like - M Sky Homes! We aim to provide you with a positive and pleasurable experience in building your home.M Sky Homes has been in operation in the region for a long time and the founder, Brett Baker, has been in the construction industry for an even longer time of 20 years. Brett moved away from volume building industries and started the company to concentrate on custom designing and building quality homes in towns like Dunsborough, Busselton, Geographe, Yallingup and the surrounding areas, homes that are beautiful, but that fit within the clients’ budgets. We have had countless projects within the area so you can be certain that we know our  way around the towns and neighbourhoods, as well as having  connections to the right local suppliers that can provide quality materials that are locally sourced and sustainable and will stand the test of time. The amount of time and effort that is put on the careful planning, pricing, and consideration for our clients for your custom dream home does not only guarantee that it is well within budget, and will not put a strain on your finances, but will also make sure that it is more than just a place to live. It is also a place to share new fond memories with your family, friends, and new neighbours. So just imagine living everyday like a holiday, in a place that looks like it's straight out of a postcard; in a home built just the way you like… or you can stop imagining and make it happen.🙌

Homes on small, narrow, and sloping sites
posted on 21 April 2021 01:38 PM

If you have a small or narrow site,  chances are that you would have been turned down by builders in the past.  They would have given you a long lecture on why it is not possible to build houses on such blocks.  And they would have been right...half a century ago! 🤦‍♂️😉Times have changed and today more and more Australians are reluctant to leave their irregularly shaped piece of land unused. This aspiration of the clients is largely what has inspired M Sky Homes to gather together a whole design library of well thought-through plans that our own team of expert architects and designers have worked on through the years. M Sky Homes  are experienced and well versed in building narrow homes and houses on sloping sites and we can build your home on your haphazardly shaped lot as per your unique requirements and passions!Throughout South West WA - the Margaret River region, Busselton, Geographe Bay, Dunsborough, Bunbury, and all areas in between,  land is becoming more expensive and more sort after, therefore, many sites that previously would never have been considered as a building site are now being bought and built on. M Sky Homes, is a custom home builder, but we have a wide range of custom designs in our Design Library, which resulted from years of experience in Narrow house and sloping site construction. We not only adapt and customize our designs to suit your block requirements adhering to all the local South West WA Councils regulatory norms, but we  can offer you this service with short lead times.  That's got to be a win for a custom design builder in Western Australia! As a custom design builder, M Sky Homes pay enormous attention to detail in making sure that every square meter of your dream abode can be used and every room and corner is big enough for you to fit your furnishings and other household accessories like your fridge or washing machine. We have multiple designs for houses on small blocks or sloping sites in our modern design library and you will most definitely find one that suit you. If you can't find what you are looking for on our website,  we have architects and designers that can help!M Sky Homes is a bespoke builder who realizes clients' unique and unconventional home ideas. If you want your house to stand out in the community or if you want a house plan that reflects your singular taste and living style, then we are the right people to call. Our extensive building experience in a vast variety of coastal and country settings has made us aware of the constantly changing design trends and has made us capable of conjuring up living spaces for the most difficult of sites following the best quality standard practices. To start your building journey with a company who is locally owned and operated,  a builder who allows you to take part in the journey of the build, then connect with us.  Experience the M Sky Difference.

Custom Designs for Your Narrow Lot Dream Home
posted on 24 March 2021 11:09 AM

Today, customization of homes doesn't just mean choosing your External facade,  or what colour blinds and curtains to install,  or how to place your furniture.Thanks to the internet and social media, home owners have as much opinion as architects on what their houses should look like. This has forced the players in the industry to think beyond a few standard designs and floor plans and focus on more customer centric models that suit the individual tastes of the owner. M Sky Homes has been building custom designed homes for years now,  and have mastered the art. Do you want your home to stand out, looking contemporary and classy? Or maybe your surroundings are so beautiful that you want your house to blend into the landscape. M Sky Homes is a dedicated custom home builder  with a huge design library that we have compiled through our experience over years in the industry. Many of the homes started as a custom designed home for individual clients and blocks.  We understand the aspirations of home owners to have a personal touch to their homes and strive to give shape to their dreams. We have won many Awards for this. Very often the shape and contour of the land also forces people to have to choose custom design. If you have a sloping site or a block with irregular contours, you might want a builder with specialized experience in building on slopes. Here's where M Sky Homes stands strong in the market.  It is important that the foundation is laid in such a way that it mitigates the incline of the ground. Whether you want a house plan with stepped stories that blends into a hillside or one with a cantilever that stands out over the slope, our design library has plenty to offer, and if it doesn't have exactly what you are looking for we can create a custom design that works. Maybe you have a narrow site which you thought to be unsuitable for your dream abode. However, the narrow house ideas in the design library of  M Sky Homes bespoke builder  are  sure to change your mind.Can you imagine designing  your home,  and then enjoying living in it with two stories on a super narrow block? Or designing and living in your new home that steps it's way up or down the hill.... Yes we built incredible homes on even the most difficult landscapes! Take a look at our previous builds on limiting sites.  We have a wide variety of residential plans that are harmoniously crafted to make your house feel spacious inside even if it is built on a small block of land.M Sky Homes - Southwest WA, has many years experience as a local builder and has access to an extensive network of local suppliers who can supply custom building materials in the shortest possible time.  We are located conveniently in Dunsborough, and all aspiring homeowners in and around Bunbury, Dunsborough, Busselton, Dardanup, and areas near Margaret River and  are able to provide efficient and personal customer service to our clients in the region.We are flexible and open to a diversity of ideas from our clients about their needs and requirements in their home,  and we strive to realize their vision in the most affordable way, and in the shortest time span possible.Our experience in Custom design, and also in narrow lot house construction, and construction on sloping contoured sites have left a lasting legacy among homeowners in the region.We provide the best in terms of quality and affordability to our customers along with the widest variety of choices for home ideas. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your next project. 

Bespoke Quality Builds with M Sky Homes
posted on 03 February 2021 12:59 PM

Why do we call it the M Sky Difference? Simply put, we believe in creating homes for our Clients that only of the highest quality.  We work with our clients alongside local architects and designers to create the Custom home design of your dreams. We understand that the process can be daunting for new home owners, and even those who may have built a few homes.  Building a new home can be one of the most stressful times of  a persons life mostly because it is a big financial investment and we just don't want to get it wrong!The building process can cause stress,  but it can also be very exciting! Especially when you choose a good builder like M Sky Homes ;)We work with you from the start to sort out your dreams and desires within your budget.  These can be opposites! We  have lots of bespoke home designs already done for you.  Check out our design magazine here. These designs can be changed to suit your site, and needs. The finished product is up to you.  You decide what inclusions you want internally and externally.  Your budget, family dynamics and lifestyle will dictate this to a large extent. The design process is a fun way of incorporating your whole family into the project, ensuring from the outset that everyone gets at least a bit of a say into how they would like the spaces to look like. Cost is often a huge consideration when building a new home,  therefore it is very important to ensure that the home is sitting well within it's natural environment and habitat.  Facing the home towards the right orientation and northerly aspect of the site is paramount to how you will live within it. Windows bring in so much light.  We love highlight windows for this reason.  If you just can't quite get the correct aspect on the site you have purchased,  using highlight windows to bring in natural light and air can help.The selection of fixtures and fittings as well as the colours of the home complete the look and style. The features of the home including what materials you use for the external design often set the scene for the indoor colours and design.  It all works together. M Sky Homes will be with you every step of the way. We include you in all decisions that are made on site that need clarifying.  We only want the best for our clients, and because we are a personalised local family owned and operated company,  you will be sure to get the best outcome and be super happy with the end result. Give us a call to discuss your bespoke home design. You will be sure to understand why we call it the M Sky Difference. 

Can I Still Use The HomeBuilder Program After December 31
posted on 21 December 2020 08:47 AM

With only a few days to go until the end of 2020, and the finishing up of the HomeBuilder $25,000 Grant offer to Home owners and Occupiers is there still time to cash in....?  There are actually THREE grants available to eligible people.  The HomeBuilder,  the Building Bonus Grant and the First Home Buyer grant! And the good news is, that if you are eligible, you could apply and recieve money for all three!This will all depend on whether or not you have been talking to a builder previously.  You need to have the Contract for your build Signed before the 31st December to recieve the $25,000.If you miss that cut off, the Home Builder Grant is lowered from the 1st January to $15,000, and you have until the 31st March 2021 to get a building contract signed. You will need to go online and register for an online account before applying. There is an online application form to fill out to apply for both the HomeBuilder and the Building Bonus Grant. “HomeBuilder is a key part of my government’s Economic Recovery Plan for Australia. We’re keeping people in jobs and putting Australians’ dream homes within reach,” the Prime Minister said.Thank you Mr Morrison for looking after so many Australians, both builders and Home owners. This is such an excellent incentive and has been fantastic for so many Australian Home owners and occupiers. Teamed with the First Home Buyers grant, it allows those who may have never been able to afford their own home a big boost into the property market. More from the Prime Minister   “This is a temporary and targeted programme and we want to give buyers the confidence and support to enter the market right now at a time when the economy needs it most.”This announcement also builds upon the extension of the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme announced in the Budget, which delivered 10,000 guaranteed loans to allow first home buyers to obtain a loan to build a new home, or purchase a newly built home, with a deposit of as little as five per cent.Head to this link to read more about how it can benefit you and your family - apply, here  is the link  - HomeBuilder Grant is administered by RevenueWA, with funding provided by the Australian Government. So get yourself moving!  You still have three months to add some value to your personal wealth by either Buying a new home,  or renovating your existing one. For any New Homes Contact us at M Sky Homes and we can help you work through the process and then apply for the grant.

When Building A New Home How Can You Be Sure Of What You Want?
posted on 30 November 2020 11:42 AM

You have decided to build a new home.  So you start looking around, noticing everyone else's home.  Firstly the outside, the finishes, the colours, the textures... you start to form an opinion on what you think looks good and what doesn't.  The funny thing is,  before you started thinking about building, you really had no idea, and really didn't notice too much about homes.Have you ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon? It is a frequency bias. You notice something new, at least it's new to you. Suddenly, you're aware of that thing all over the place! In reality, there's no increase in occurrence, it's just that you have started to notice it. That is often what happens to new home buyers.So how can you be sure of what you actually want?  House and Land Packages can be a good idea, because you get what you get... it's already all priced and inclusive of everything within that package. This can make the decision making super easy.  You get to check it all out, and sign the building contract, quickly and simply. But you can't always find House and Land packages in the area you would like to live. In this situation it is best to find the block of land and then find a builder who can build you the right home on that site. So what are the desirable features of a new home?  Many people are thinking about how to increase the energy efficiency of their new home without the huge overhead costs associated with passive solar. If you want a home that is energy efficient, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this into the building process. For example,  one simple way to increase your energy efficiency and make your home more liveable is to use the Sun's orientation to its maximum advantage. Placing your home on the block of land in a way that the North sun can penetrate into the home at particular times of the day, and not at other times is a clever way to build.  Quality of construction is usually high on the list of wants for new home owners.  We want to know that the home has been built well, and will be a great place to live with our family's for a short time or perhaps, a lifetime! M Sky Homes totally gets this.  We have an extremely high standard of quality expected and carried out on all our homes under constructionOther parts of the home that are a big part of family life and so very important are the kitchen /living areas.  You're going to be spending a lot of time in the space, so this is understandable. So if you have the option to design this area, there are a few things that we would recommend if your budget allows1. Choose an L Shaped kitchen layout that has the sink on the window, and the appliances on the other wall, and leave your island bench free of any sinks or whitegoods/appliances.  This creates a great space for gathering the family or for entertaining. 2. If you have the finances, a butlers pantry, small or large, is always a brilliant area for food prep, or groceries, and keeps the mess out of the main kitchen.Putting in a stone benchtop can be an item that happens later if budget is an issue.  As long as you have the "bones" of the kitchen in place, upgrades such as a new benchtop or new door fronts can easily be done at a later date. 3. Ensure that you have plenty of natural light into this space, as you will be spending a lot of time here. This goes back to the earlier comment on home orientation and placement on your site.  The best way to discover how you would like your home and what things are important to you is to check out display homes, or if you don't have time or access to these,  look at different homes on our website, we have a gallery of designs with floor plans and  facades that will start you on the right path.  Our designs have been built many times and we have a great track record for extremely well designed homes. And of course,  we build many Custom Designed homes for clients.  See our previous projects hereThe most important thing to remember when you are starting your home design and build,  is that you relax and enjoy the process.  Don't let it stress you out.  Your chosen builder will work with you to create the home you want,  sometimes you just need to be patient with the process and let the builder lead and guide you through your decision making and most importantly, during construction. We guarantee that if you build with M Sky Homes, the end result will be amazing.  You will get the home you want. 

Living the Dream in the South West of WA
posted on 28 October 2020 04:20 PM

Ahhhh the Australian Dream!  Has it changed over the years,  or is the same as it has always been?  Think back to when our parents bought their first property or block of land.... was it a 600 square metre block, was it an acre,  or perhaps it was acreage... somewhere you could spread out and have a big shed with all the farm essentials... So,  has the dream changed,  or has it shifted....?  Lets look at the average sized block in any Australian City suburb.According to and All Down Under,  the average size of a block of land in Australia  nowdays is 274m2 -  with the average house size being 235m2.How can this be? Don't we love having a big backyard, to host the summer bbq and family cricket match? The reality of it all, is that times have changed drastically over the last ten to twenty years.  Instead of the kids playing in the backyard, they usually stay inside on the computer or their device, either doing homework, watching TV or playing games.  When they play sport, it is usually a team managed and organised game or practice, done at a local sportsground or gym or park.We do however,  still hold our Australian dream, however that looks to you as an individual.  Yes, it has shifted from what it was 20 years ago,  but lets see  what we Aussies are doing now in 2020 when we are building our new homes. Here in the South West region - Dunsborough, Margaret River, Geographe Bay, Busselton, Mandurah and the areas surrounding us,  the house and block sizes are generally bigger than the national average, because Western Australians love a little more space around them.  However, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has projected that Australia's population will soar over the next 60 years. Western Australia is expected to grow faster than any other state or territory in the country. The ABS has projected WA to nearly double in size by 2040, from 2.4 million people to 4.7 million.The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has a big job on their hands, to manage this expansion well, and to ensure that WA remains a desirable place to live. Read more about the R-Zoning codes for Busselton Council in Western Australia hereSo, our dreams have changed a little,  generally smaller blocks of land, but we are opting for bigger homes. Australia falls just behind the US on the average sized homes market.  They build the largest homes in the world, and we are close behind them.  WA is actually at the top of the list in Australia with the biggest sized homes on average. Here is where M Sky Homes can help!  We have a huge library of standard designs that you can browse through anytime you like,  but we also specialise in Custom Designed homes.  You get to plan, design and create the Australian Dream home of your choice, and according to your budget.  Download our design magazine hereWith the Australian Federal Budget 2020 reigniting the dream of home ownership, it is certainly great news for builders and home buyers alike. The extension of the first home loan deposit scheme will run until 30th June 2021. With access to the HomeBuilder program as well, it is the perfect time to invest in your Australian Dream!

Is Custom Designing Your New Home the Best Option?
posted on 06 October 2020 04:21 PM

When you start thinking about building a new home for yourself in the South West Region of Western Australia, What are the first steps you take to get the process moving, in your head and on paper? All of us live somewhere already,  we have a home, either of our own, or one that we are renting. Perhaps you are living in a townhouse in Dunsborough,  or a home in Margaret River Region.  Within that home, there are features and elements that you love and some you don't like so much.  Often, you actually don't think about it too much, you just live there, hang out, do what you have to do, and life goes on. But the moment you start considering building,  everything comes to your attention. Am I right?                                                                                                                                                                                                               The cost of real estate,  existing homes, blocks of land... down to the size of the kitchen in the home where you're currently living, the bathroom,  the shape of the deck and the aspects of all of these... the kids bedrooms, the second living area... everything is suddenly very obvious!Sometimes you can't believe you haven't noticed these things before!Social Media is helpful in a lot of ways now days, as you can check out Instagram and Pinterest,  Facebook, along with multiple other channels - there are so many options available,  that help you get an idea of what you like and what you want in your new home.Just using Google to discover some new ideas can bring a fresh new meaning to the different living spaces within your home.If you are lacking inspiration, M Sky Homes have lots of done-for-you designs where you can start, most of them originated as someone's custom designed home, then we made the standard design because they "worked"- check them out here, and see which ones suit you.  If none of these plans work perfectly for you,  start your custom design process yourself by drawing where you want each room, each storage, each outdoor space. Check out some of our custom designed homes hereNOW, the first and most IMPORTANT thing to create a home that is amazing to live in, is the Orientation of the home on your site, or block of land. This is the single most important aspect of design knowledge. This makes all the difference to all other decisions you will make in the home you are about to create.Once you have put your design ideas on paper,  you can bring them to M Sky Homes and we can get our design team to draw them up for you.After the Design Consultation it usually takes a few rounds to get it to how you like it, so it is important that you make the concept drawings as close to what you are thinking you would like in your home as possible.  This can be a huge learning curve for potential home buyers.Of course, with any custom design, the entire process can take a while to get right. As well as the sunlight orientation and placing your home in the right spot on your block, there are  lots of other important steps and processes to getting it right.Budget is also one of the determining factors to your custom design home. If you have a limited budget, you will need to think about how to create a home within that tight budget that has all the desired features. The design choice can play a huge part in this. The interior design can be basic but if it has nice shape and a neutral colour scheme,  you can basically put anything into your home that you love without breaking the bank on all those TV commercial kitchens, or interior inclusions.Thinking outside the square can save you literally thousands.  Simple things like a large open plan living space, and extra rooms that you don't really need or won't use,   just two bathrooms, instead of 3 or 4; 2550 high ceilings instead of raking ceilings... clever use of light from well placed windows is important and essential to how you live and feel in your home. Even if you can't fit out your home exactly as you like it now, create the spaces, size them well, and connect them with each other. Doing this now when you are in the planning will pay long term lifestyle dividends. Other important things to consider when you are designing a home are:How much privacy do you have at your front door when someone comes to it?Can they see straight into your living space or is there a barrier, so that if you don't see inside easily. Placing your windows around the home in spots that don't look directly into your neighbours home is an important consideration.Can you watch your kids at play and get to them easily if there is a problem... how easy is it to mingle within your spaces, both indoor and outdoor? Is there a connectiveness within your home and the spaces there.  This will also improve your security. Positioning your Kitchen centrally within your home is an important feature that will make it so much more functional. You need to be able to watch your kids at play, whether its in the yard, or in the pool.Clever use of space to hide your clutter is also a way to ensure that you feel more comfortable and at ease within your home. A butlers pantry is a great idea for all those appliances that need to be stored on the bench because you use them all the time. A sink in there is a great idea too if you don't like mess on the kitchen bench.Remember that tastes and trends change over time, so go with neutrals for the items that are expensive and fixed. Add your personal touches and latest fashionista tastes to the soft furnishings and less expensive finishes.We all want to thrive within our home environments, so think about all the above as you design. If you need help creating your family home Contact us here.      

Whats the Correct Passive Solar Orientation for a New Home in Western Australia?
posted on 01 September 2020 12:17 PM

When you're thinking of building a new home in Western Australia the solar orientation needs to be considered to maximise energy efficiency. It would be a mistake to rely heavily on artificial heating and cooling sources for the home when correct orientation from the outset could have provided the home owner with hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs over the life of the building. In the South West around Bunburry, Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River we can have some extremely cold winters and extra hot days in summer so planning solar orientation well is critical.The short answer to this question is - face the living areas to the North. If you can't face North, face North East. If you can't face North or North East, find another block! So why is this so critical? Firstly the sun is low in the northern sky in the winter, and that's when you want the light in the building. So facing to the North lets maximum winter sun onto your windows and external doors and thereby into the home. Secondly if you also face to the East it allows the morning sun into the building which is the time you are trying to warm up the home after a cold night and conversely keeps the hot summer afternoon sun out of the home.Obviously at M Sky Homes we include insulation in the walls and ceilings of the home as required to achieve the thermal performance star rating requirements of the local authorities but nothing can replace the benefits of natural light entering the home during the winter and keeping it out during the summer. Unfortunately the building industry have been slow adopters of these solar dwelling principles and you can drive around any suburb in Dunsborough and feel sorry for the occupants who didn't following the basic passive solar heating principles in their building practices. The orientation of the roof line is also an important part of building a smart home and this can be achieved by running the longest part of the ridge line directly east west in orientation. If the building envelope is aligned in this direction, again it creates the greatest potential for natural light to assist heat gain in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer.

Textures and Layering in Your New M Sky Home
posted on 31 July 2020 08:40 AM

Your M Sky Homes Colours and finishesThe months of designing and building, and the hours of stressing over your new home are over… the keys have been handed to you and you are the King and Queen of your stunning M Sky Homes castle. Now comes the fun part of setting up your home to create a space that is cosy, comfortable and reflects your style. We love this part! Depending on what type of person or family you are, your home can be simply a place to hang your hat and eat your meals,  or it can be a place to have a lifestyle; to invite friends and family over and to create dreams in. We like to think of ourselves as the latter… a family who loves to create dreams and memories. A home, in essence, is the purified space to be yourself… to grow, to explore, to prosper.  Yes, we build homes, but we believe that by creating you a place that you love to come home to, we are also encouraging you to enjoy  a lifestyle where you will flourish.  Living in the South West of Western Australia, namely the Margaret River Region, this is definitely not to hard to do 😊So, let’s talk textures and layering…. What does Layering textures actually mean? We will start with the floor. All interior designers usually start with the floor.  Why? Because it forms a base to work from and makes it so much easier to build your colour scheme.The floor can be quite a few different looks… ranging from Timber, Vinyl Plank, Laminate, Carpet, through to tiles and polished concrete. All of the preceding finishes create a different look… so that is the first thing to decide. What is your look?Everything will flow from this decision. Next you choose the bathroom vanities, tapware and hardware, the kitchen finishes and colours, the wall colours, the trim colours, the blinds or curtain colours and styles. All items mentioned above are called your fixtures and fittings. They are the non-negotiables, the items that can’t easily be changed.So now we layer. We introduce soft furnishings to create texture and ambience to your space. Next big decision is your lounge and dining table.  But especially the lounge.  Careful choices here are important as this big ticket item will be with you for quite a few years.  So choose a lounge that has style,  but is also very comfortable to sit in,  or you will not be happy.  Trust me. Leather lounges are beautiful to look at, but don’t always provide a comfortable place to relax if you live in a hot humid climate.  Just something to consider.  Personally I love leather lounges.  They are classy, easy to clean and last a long time. Totally worth the extra dollars needed to invest in one. So what colour will you choose?  Again, this will depend on the look you are wanting to go for. There are so many beautiful colours and textures available in lounges now, that this is exciting and fun process. If you go for something neutral, you are more likely to love the look for a lot longer than if you got a lounge that is bright and super trendy…  my advice is to go with something that is either Tan, Chocolate, White, or any varying shade of grey. The same applies in your bedrooms,  bedheads or bed frames that are a neutral colour (in my world I prefer everything to be white) and then everything goes with it, no matter what the fashion at the time. Now you have the main fixtures and fittings, lounges and beds sorted, we move onto the layering and textures that you add to these to make it look like a display home,  or at least to make it look homey and comfortable… and to be the space that you can’t wait to sit in and enjoy. Cushions! Yes, and Throws. The perfect combination for comfort and style in your home. They come in various shapes, colours and styles, but essentially they add that finishing touch that makes a room look cosy and inviting, rather than stark and cold.  The colours are up to you and what you love, but I would put at least three cushions on each lounge… and depending on the type and size of the lounge, you can use up to 6 or 7 for a truly lovely look. 😊Bedrooms in your beautiful  M Sky Home are the same… using your doona cover and pillows as the back drop, use cushions to bring it to life … and change them up every so often for a different look. Other items of consideration for texture and layering are:  Wall hangings – the type and style. This can vary between paintings, prints, photographs, handmade ones, such as macramé or crochet…. So many amazing options!  The rule of thumb with these is to place them strategically around the room where you can enjoy them, or where they set off the style of your room. Another excellent way to decorate or make a space look great is to use mirrors… but we will talk about this in another blog. No matter what your style is,  be creative. With fashion and in this case, home styling, play with cushions and throws and easy chairs, until it feels right for you… until you feel confident that  it works together in some way.  Be Creative, have fun, and enjoy your M SKY HOME!

New Home Builder Grants
posted on 20 July 2020 11:30 AM

Looking to build in 2020 with the introduction of both Federal and state New Home building grants you could have access to a potential of $55,000 of government grants to help you get into a new home. Have a look below at some of the facts to see if you are eligible for the new home builder grants. If you are looking to build with a builder who has the knowledge to help you please contact us.We service all areas from Perth, Dunsborough Including Busselton, Bunbury and of course the pristine Margaret River region New Home Building Grants State and federal Federal Grant The HomBuilder Grant is a time limited tax - free grant of $25,000 for those people building new homes or carrying out substantial renovations. Part of the criteria is you must sign Contracts between 4th June and 31st of December 2020.Eligible homeowners A Person over 18 years old (not a company)An Australian citizenIncome cap of $125,000 per annul for an individual or $200,000 per annul as a couple.Eligible ProjectsBuilding a new home as a principle residence, where the house and land do not exceed $750,000Purchase a House and Land package that does not exceed $750,000Major renovation to an existing home at your principal place of residence, at a value between $150,000 and $750,000, where the existing value of house and land is less than $1.5 million pre-renovation. West Australia new home construction grantTwo grants are available to promote the growth of the West Australian residential construction industry.A grant of $20,000 is available for eligible applicants.Proceed into a contract to build a new home on vacant land orThe contract must be entered into between the 4th of June 2020 and the 31st of December 2020 if you receive one of these grants you may still be eligible for the first homeowners grantThere is no cap on the value of contract 

Building on a Challenging or sloping site?
posted on 07 May 2020 12:54 PM

Did You know M Sky Homes have a large array of standard model homes that cater for challenging sites?Building a home on a sloping site?Building a home on a Challenging site?Do you know what options you have when building on a sloping or challenging site?Building large retaining wall is not always the best or cheapest solution to building on a sloping site, M Sky Homes has produced a large array of standard model home designs that can be placed on your challenging block.Have a look a the beautiful design above the Sierra 365 this home would suit most locations in Perth or the Southwest of WA especially Eagle Bay or Yallingup.We also have standard designs for sloping sites designed to be more cost effective take a look at the Alton 250 belowNo matter what you are looking for we have you covered. If you cannot find a design you like we will custom design a home that will suit all your needs.Click this link to download our free EbookCall us today to discuss how we can save you money on your next home design whether in's in Perth or the Southwest of WA like Dunsborough, Busselton, Margeret river or the Bunbury area we have got you covered.

M Sky Homes Now Building New Homes in Perth
posted on 30 April 2020 12:18 PM

Exciting news M Sky Homes is set to branch out into the Perth area offering a large range of standard model new homes, we are still offering our full design and construction service catering for all challenging sites or any individual requirements that you may have on your block of land.We have been busy developing our business over the last 6 years to ensure we offer a streamlined service, where we can cater for clients with a specific criteria and don’t want to be another number in a large corporate company we are a small family business employing local tradesmen and women that are hand picked to carry out our work whilst under close supervision and guidance from our experienced team here at M Sky Homes.We will be building new homes in all areas of Perth catering for the second and third home builder or the savvy investor. We quote from existing plans if you already have something designed and wish us to provide you a quote, we will be more than happy to help you.Did you know that we pay a referral fee? Terms and conditions apply.Download our free Ebook 

Abbey Busselton Beach side Gem being built by M Sky Homes
posted on 29 April 2020 04:42 PM

Another beautiful home soon to be built by M Sky Homes for one of our clients who are based in Perth, their vision is currently coming together with one of our talented designers also based in Perth, This home is going to be located in Abbey a suburb just to the south of Busselton located within meters of the gorgeous turquoise water of Geographe Bay.This home is generously proportioned with wrap around Veranda’s to the front elevation and a fantastic Alfresco area coming straight of the main living areas. This home boasts 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms with separate Powder room, large open planned living, Dining and Kitchen area, with separate Lounge room. The Master bedroom consists with a separate walk in robe and a large resort style Ensuite. We are looking forward to seeing this home get built by our talented team at M Sky Homes this home is to be constructed right next door to one of our award winning homes M Sky Home built 5 years ago.Did you know that M Sky Homes are now building in Perth call us today to discuss your next build.  

M Sky Homes has a great Investment opportunity
posted on 28 April 2020 03:38 PM

M Sky Homes has a great Investment opportunity!Are you looking for a solid investment in Dunsborough?We are looking for an investor for an upcoming display home in Dunsborough. Invest in this magnificent home with two-year lease back at 7%.  M Sky Homes are renowned for quality-built homes here in Dunsborough, Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River and the South West region of Western Australia. We are beginning a new phase of our business journey offering Predesigned homes and design and construction options for our clients catering for all their needs to ensure the building experience they have is a good one. All our homes are built with passion and integrity with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. Keeping locals employed is a key factor for us at M Sky Homes we hand pick and use as many local tradesmen and tradeswomen as we possibly so we can to ensure quality construction. If you would like further information about this great investment opportunity please contact me directly 

Design Orientation New Homes
posted on 16 March 2020 06:12 PM

Here at M Sky Home we build a large range and style of different homes within the South West of WA from Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River, we focus on ensuring our new Home designs are custom-designed to suit the block. Orientation plays a major factor in good design, all our standard model homes can be custom-designed to suit the block and our clients needs, we also offer a full custom-design service so we can achieve maximum results. The below information is a basic guide for the west Australian climate zone.The Northern side of the home here in Western Australia should be maximised because of the position of the sun in summer and winter this makes these rooms a comfortable temperature all year, we try to ensure we place High use areas such as Kitchens, Family rooms and entertaining areas to this side of the home.The East and Western side of the home can become uncomfortable in summer, so we try and place less used areas to this side of the home such as the Laundry, Garage, Storerooms and Bathrooms.  The South side receives cool breezes in the summer and winter the placement of bedrooms to the southside is the best solution as it’s always nice to snuggle under the blanket. 

New Home Design Magazine
posted on 05 March 2020 01:44 PM

M Sky Homes has been working hard trying to make life easier for our client. In addition to the release of our standard model homes we have also created a 184-page Design magazine this magazine will guide you through the whole building process with explanations on the following terms and Processes 8 step processTips for buying landSurveys ExplainedGeotechnical Classification & Engineer’s RoleBuilding Contract Terms Explained: PossessionBuilding Contract Terms Explained: Prime Costs and Provisional SumsBuilding Contract Terms Explained: VariationsIn addition to this we have our range of standard designs Single Storey, Double Storey, Homestead/Rural, Split level/Steep site, Multi-purpose  This Magazine is free to download if you are looking to build a new home in the South West, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Busselton or Bunbury Please contact us to discuss how we can help. All our Standard Models can be customised to suit your needs.

M Sky Homes Introduces a large range of standard designed new homes
posted on 26 February 2020 03:07 PM

We have been working hard for those people looking to build a new home in the south West of WA an alternative to building through a project builder. M Sky Homes has produced a large number of standard model homes giving our clients an option to choose a custom builder to build their new home in the Dunsborough, Busselton, Margaret River and Bunbury region of the South West of WA.One of the main reasons we have created these plans is so we can show you that M Sky Home can produce homes at an affordable price, we find most people are scared by the word custom they believe that they cannot afford to choose a custom builder. We have produced a large range of Standard Model homes from single storey to double storey including sloping site home on stumps as well as homes that are designed for multi residence (Air B&B) these are priced and ready to go. It's now no longer out of reach to build your home through a custom builder.We still offer a full customized service and all of our standard designed homes can be tailored to meet your needs.Have a look at our Standard Model Homes

5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Builder.
posted on 08 October 2019 12:00 AM

Martingale Drive DunsboroughOne of the most significant reasons to choose a Custom Builder is the flexibility of which dealing with a Custom Builder allows you to have. Giving you more input in the building process. Thus, allowing you to make more changes along the way and to help you achieve the outcome you truly pictured.Dealing with a Custom Home Builder usually means they have less projects on at any one time, allowing more time and resources to dedicate to your project and thus helping deliver a superior quality project.By engaging a Custom Builder, you will deal with only a couple of people during the whole process. Meaning that less discussions and items get lost in translation. This results in less mistakes and better communication.When dealing with a Custom Builder you are dealing directly with the Builder not a sales rep. By dealing directly with the Builder you are not paying the commission that you would be paying the sales rep. This could be as much as 3-4% of your contract value.Choosing a reputable Custom Builder gives you transparency in the costing and no hidden extras. When you receive a quote, ensure that all items have a fixed price and there are no provisional sum allowances. This isn’t always possible in the early stages; however this should be able to be achieved by contact stage. If you are getting more than one quote ensure you have full documentation, including a full set of working drawings, engineering and specifications including all selections. I understand this is a lot of work in the beginning, however, this is the only way to truly ascertain a like for like quote (Comparing apples with apples).Choosing a Builder is a tough decision and one not to be made lightly as this is one of the biggest investment that you will make take your time to get it right.Building a home should be a smooth happy journey!

M Sky Homes Wins 2 Awards at the 2019 HIA Housing Awards
posted on 02 October 2019 12:00 AM

M Sky Homes Wins 2 Awards at the 2019 HIA Housing AwardsAt the Prestigious HIA Housing Awards held on Saturday 21st of September 2019 at the Black Brewing Company 3517 Caves Road, Wilyabrup Margaret River.We were overjoyed to receive the following Awards for Our Two Projects Martingale Drive Dunsborough and Gunwale Elbow Geographe. The acknowledgment from our industry peers shows that we are on the right track of continuous improvement this is also testament to our valued Suppliers, Trades and our Wonderful Clients for trusting us with building their dream homes. Martingale Drive DunsboroughWinner Custom Built Home $450,001 $600,000Finalist Custom Home of the YearFinalist Framed Home $500,001 $800,000 Gunwale Elbow GeographeWinner Framed Home $500,001 $800,000Finalist Custom Built Home $600,001 $750,000Finalist Framed Home of the Year

5 Custom Home Trends for 2018
posted on 21 November 2017 12:00 AM

As Home Builders in WA, we understand trends come and go but it’s always good to know what’s ‘in’ this season. If you’re custom building a house, it’s good to know the types of features that are easily available to you. Let’s go through some luxury home trends.Here’s Five of The Top Design Principles That Are Trending:1. Earthy coloursThere are lots of warm and earthy colours being introduced into new custom home designs. While the white, minimalist look is still popular, colours like rust and tan are being used to add life to bedroom walls, as well as on furniture and décor. These tones aren’t harsh and they add a certain style to a room. In bathrooms, colours like soft plum, dusty blue, dark green, beige, and charcoal are popular.2. Geometric patternsTo achieve interesting accents, geometric patterns are coming into today’s house designs. This could be in the form of a feature wallpaper or tiles – making up a small part of a big room. Even just a dozen geometric tiles grouped together with plain, white tiles surrounding it can bring a new dimension to a space.3. Brass & metallicFlick through home décor magazines and chances are, you’ll see metallic or brass in the design. Think metallic coffee tables, dining room suites, wall art, and even metallic cushion fabric. There’s lots you can do with it. Brass is found in new kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.4. PlantsWhile adding more greenery isn’t necessarily a trend that’s unique to 2018, it’s more popular than ever. Plants have been proven to increase positivity and help keep air fresh, so the greener the better. Add a vase or two in your kitchen, bathrooms and living room. Hanging plants add a stylish touch, especially to kitchens and entertaining areas.5. WoodWhile the rise in technology has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to house design, it also has us craving for what once was. There’s a resurgence of wood, in its most natural form. We’re starting to see wood in unexpected places such as accent walls and ceilings. And it’s in the finer details, too. Instead of plastic fruit bowls, you’ll see hand-carved wood bowls.If you like the idea of any of these trends, talk to us. Being Home Builders in WA, there’s nothing we can’t do.Want More Information on Luxury Home Trends?Get in touch with us, M Sky Homes. We’re luxury Dunsborough builders in Western Australia. We’ll sit down with you as you’re starting to think about building your dream home. The exploration stage is extremely important in custom home builds.This is the house you’ve envisioned in your mind for years. Sometimes, our clients need a little bit of help getting those ideas out of their heads and onto paper – to achieve that perfect design.Familiarise yourself with the trends, yes, but follow your gut. Remember, you only build your dream home once.

6 Point Summer Maintenance Checklist For Your Custom Home
posted on 07 November 2017 12:00 AM

Summer is nearly around the corner. As we welcome a new season, why not give your house a new look, too. Whether you live in a custom home or you’re planning to build one (and you’re still in your first house), taking care of it is essential.December to March are the months when we’re entertaining the most. The warm weather makes us want to enjoy more time outside, with friends and family. Make sure your house is looking fab with these six tips.Tidy up your backyard After the winter months, your entertaining area probably needs some attention. Pull out the hose and spray your deck (if you have one), and wipe down the BBQ and any furniture. See if there’s been any damage caused by strong winds. Check the lights work and look for opportunities to decorate the space to add new life this season.Inspect plumbing & clear gutters Winter is unforgiving on your gutters and roof. Hire a team of roof cleaners to make sure your structure is in a good condition. Clearing away leaves and other debris will tidy up its look and prevent any fire risk – this is extremely important during hot summers. If you’ve noticed any water leaks, now is the time to get it fixed.Check your air conditioner Unless your air conditioner doubles as a heater, you probably haven’t used the system for months. Check that your air conditioner is working efficiently and not producing an odd smell (or noise).Clean the bathroom & kitchen grout Prolong the life of your tiled surfaces by cleaning the grout. You can do this yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to help you. They have the correct equipment to complete this efficiently. Even if you’re entertaining outdoors, your guests will come inside to use the bathroom. Make sure it’s ready by giving your floors a ‘facelift.’Minimise chemicals – avoid deodorisers While it’s tempting to walk through your home and simply freshen up your home by spraying deodorizers, many of these products are full of nasty chemicals. Avoid these products by opening up your windows and doors. Let the fresh air in and keep your home as natural as possible. It’s a simple ‘maintenance’ tip that so many people forget. Make it a habit and reach for the door handle instead of the spray.To keep your home looking great and performing well, invest in routine maintenance – especially before the start of the season. Every quarter brings new opportunities to maximise your home.Build a custom homeOutgrown your current home? Want to enter the property market by custom building your new house? No matter what your situation is, talk to us about designing your new house. Our company prides itself on offering affordable custom builds, so you don’t have to wait decades to live in your dream house.Let’s bring that vision to life, on paper first.