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5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Builder.
posted on 08 October 2019 12:00 AM

Martingale Drive DunsboroughOne of the most significant reasons to choose a Custom Builder is the flexibility of which dealing with a Custom Builder allows you to have. Giving you more input in the building process. Thus, allowing you to make more changes along the way and to help you achieve the outcome you truly pictured.Dealing with a Custom Home Builder usually means they have less projects on at any one time, allowing more time and resources to dedicate to your project and thus helping deliver a superior quality project.By engaging a Custom Builder, you will deal with only a couple of people during the whole process. Meaning that less discussions and items get lost in translation. This results in less mistakes and better communication.When dealing with a Custom Builder you are dealing directly with the Builder not a sales rep. By dealing directly with the Builder you are not paying the commission that you would be paying the sales rep. This could be as much as 3-4% of your contract value.Choosing a reputable Custom Builder gives you transparency in the costing and no hidden extras. When you receive a quote, ensure that all items have a fixed price and there are no provisional sum allowances. This isn’t always possible in the early stages; however this should be able to be achieved by contact stage. If you are getting more than one quote ensure you have full documentation, including a full set of working drawings, engineering and specifications including all selections. I understand this is a lot of work in the beginning, however, this is the only way to truly ascertain a like for like quote (Comparing apples with apples).Choosing a Builder is a tough decision and one not to be made lightly as this is one of the biggest investment that you will make take your time to get it right.Building a home should be a smooth happy journey!

M Sky Homes Wins 2 Awards at the 2019 HIA Housing Awards
posted on 02 October 2019 12:00 AM

M Sky Homes Wins 2 Awards at the 2019 HIA Housing AwardsAt the Prestigious HIA Housing Awards held on Saturday 21st of September 2019 at the Black Brewing Company 3517 Caves Road, Wilyabrup Margaret River.We were overjoyed to receive the following Awards for Our Two Projects Martingale Drive Dunsborough and Gunwale Elbow Geographe. The acknowledgment from our industry peers shows that we are on the right track of continuous improvement this is also testament to our valued Suppliers, Trades and our Wonderful Clients for trusting us with building their dream homes. Martingale Drive DunsboroughWinner Custom Built Home $450,001 $600,000Finalist Custom Home of the YearFinalist Framed Home $500,001 $800,000 Gunwale Elbow GeographeWinner Framed Home $500,001 $800,000Finalist Custom Built Home $600,001 $750,000Finalist Framed Home of the Year

5 Custom Home Trends for 2018
posted on 21 November 2017 12:00 AM

As Home Builders in WA, we understand trends come and go but it’s always good to know what’s ‘in’ this season. If you’re custom building a house, it’s good to know the types of features that are easily available to you. Let’s go through some luxury home trends.Here’s Five of The Top Design Principles That Are Trending:1. Earthy coloursThere are lots of warm and earthy colours being introduced into new custom home designs. While the white, minimalist look is still popular, colours like rust and tan are being used to add life to bedroom walls, as well as on furniture and décor. These tones aren’t harsh and they add a certain style to a room. In bathrooms, colours like soft plum, dusty blue, dark green, beige, and charcoal are popular.2. Geometric patternsTo achieve interesting accents, geometric patterns are coming into today’s house designs. This could be in the form of a feature wallpaper or tiles – making up a small part of a big room. Even just a dozen geometric tiles grouped together with plain, white tiles surrounding it can bring a new dimension to a space.3. Brass & metallicFlick through home décor magazines and chances are, you’ll see metallic or brass in the design. Think metallic coffee tables, dining room suites, wall art, and even metallic cushion fabric. There’s lots you can do with it. Brass is found in new kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.4. PlantsWhile adding more greenery isn’t necessarily a trend that’s unique to 2018, it’s more popular than ever. Plants have been proven to increase positivity and help keep air fresh, so the greener the better. Add a vase or two in your kitchen, bathrooms and living room. Hanging plants add a stylish touch, especially to kitchens and entertaining areas.5. WoodWhile the rise in technology has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to house design, it also has us craving for what once was. There’s a resurgence of wood, in its most natural form. We’re starting to see wood in unexpected places such as accent walls and ceilings. And it’s in the finer details, too. Instead of plastic fruit bowls, you’ll see hand-carved wood bowls.If you like the idea of any of these trends, talk to us. Being Home Builders in WA, there’s nothing we can’t do.Want More Information on Luxury Home Trends?Get in touch with us, M Sky Homes. We’re luxury Dunsborough builders in Western Australia. We’ll sit down with you as you’re starting to think about building your dream home. The exploration stage is extremely important in custom home builds.This is the house you’ve envisioned in your mind for years. Sometimes, our clients need a little bit of help getting those ideas out of their heads and onto paper – to achieve that perfect design.Familiarise yourself with the trends, yes, but follow your gut. Remember, you only build your dream home once.

6 Point Summer Maintenance Checklist For Your Custom Home
posted on 07 November 2017 12:00 AM

Summer is nearly around the corner. As we welcome a new season, why not give your house a new look, too. Whether you live in a custom home or you’re planning to build one (and you’re still in your first house), taking care of it is essential.December to March are the months when we’re entertaining the most. The warm weather makes us want to enjoy more time outside, with friends and family. Make sure your house is looking fab with these six tips.Tidy up your backyard After the winter months, your entertaining area probably needs some attention. Pull out the hose and spray your deck (if you have one), and wipe down the BBQ and any furniture. See if there’s been any damage caused by strong winds. Check the lights work and look for opportunities to decorate the space to add new life this season.Inspect plumbing & clear gutters Winter is unforgiving on your gutters and roof. Hire a team of roof cleaners to make sure your structure is in a good condition. Clearing away leaves and other debris will tidy up its look and prevent any fire risk – this is extremely important during hot summers. If you’ve noticed any water leaks, now is the time to get it fixed.Check your air conditioner Unless your air conditioner doubles as a heater, you probably haven’t used the system for months. Check that your air conditioner is working efficiently and not producing an odd smell (or noise).Clean the bathroom & kitchen grout Prolong the life of your tiled surfaces by cleaning the grout. You can do this yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to help you. They have the correct equipment to complete this efficiently. Even if you’re entertaining outdoors, your guests will come inside to use the bathroom. Make sure it’s ready by giving your floors a ‘facelift.’Minimise chemicals – avoid deodorisers While it’s tempting to walk through your home and simply freshen up your home by spraying deodorizers, many of these products are full of nasty chemicals. Avoid these products by opening up your windows and doors. Let the fresh air in and keep your home as natural as possible. It’s a simple ‘maintenance’ tip that so many people forget. Make it a habit and reach for the door handle instead of the spray.To keep your home looking great and performing well, invest in routine maintenance – especially before the start of the season. Every quarter brings new opportunities to maximise your home.Build a custom homeOutgrown your current home? Want to enter the property market by custom building your new house? No matter what your situation is, talk to us about designing your new house. Our company prides itself on offering affordable custom builds, so you don’t have to wait decades to live in your dream house.Let’s bring that vision to life, on paper first.