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Bespoke Quality Builds with M Sky Homes

Why do we call it the M Sky Difference? 
Simply put, we believe in creating homes for our Clients that only of the highest quality.  We work with our clients alongside local architects and designers to create the Custom home design of your dreams. We understand that the process can be daunting for new home owners, and even those who may have built a few homes.  Building a new home can be one of the most stressful times of  a persons life mostly because it is a big financial investment and we just don't want to get it wrong!

The building process can cause stress,  but it can also be very exciting! 

Especially when you choose a good builder like M Sky Homes ;)

We work with you from the start to sort out your dreams and desires within your budget.  These can be opposites! 

We  have lots of bespoke home designs already done for you.  Check out our design magazine here. These designs can be changed to suit your site, and needs. The finished product is up to you.  You decide what inclusions you want internally and externally.  Your budget, family dynamics and lifestyle will dictate this to a large extent. The design process is a fun way of incorporating your whole family into the project, ensuring from the outset that everyone gets at least a bit of a say into how they would like the spaces to look like. 

Cost is often a huge consideration when building a new home,  therefore it is very important to ensure that the home is sitting well within it's natural environment and habitat.  Facing the home towards the right orientation and northerly aspect of the site is paramount to how you will live within it. Windows bring in so much light.  We love highlight windows for this reason.  If you just can't quite get the correct aspect on the site you have purchased,  using highlight windows to bring in natural light and air can help.

The selection of fixtures and fittings as well as the colours of the home complete the look and style. The features of the home including what materials you use for the external design often set the scene for the indoor colours and design.  It all works together. 

M Sky Homes will be with you every step of the way. We include you in all decisions that are made on site that need clarifying.  We only want the best for our clients, and because we are a personalised local family owned and operated company,  you will be sure to get the best outcome and be super happy with the end result. 

Give us a call to discuss your bespoke home design. You will be sure to understand why we call it the M Sky Difference. 
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