Building Your Hillside Haven in the South West of WA photo

Building Your Hillside Haven in the South West of WA

“A house on a hillside” sounds like a title to a cheesy romantic comedy movie.


Aside from the poetic impression the phrase gives, it also teases the reader’s mind to think of a peaceful subterranean setting that feels like a dream. But while some are dreaming, others are planning to turn their hillside fantasy into a reality. 

The View


Building a house in a ravine or hilly location or area would nine out of ten times mean building on a slope. Of course, you always have the option to settle for a little less steep site but you will miss the aesthetic advantages that a sloping site has to offer. A slope may either mean being immersed  in the breath-taking views of the forest canopy or a prominent view of the mountains, lakes, or in the South West of WA, like Margaret River,  Geographe Bay,  or Dunsborough you can have the option to purchase blocks with gorgeous aqua blue views of the Indian Ocean. 

The Landscape

Building a home on a slope designates multiple levels in the floor plan. This will enable you to plan for creating stunning exterior designs that are set over several levels. You may choose to set up more privacy from your neighbours or a more laid back space with outdoor living spaces to take in the stunning views.   

The Natural Lighting

Hillside houses are often perfectly placed to gain lots of natural lighting. It is the most sought-after perk of homeowners that are intent on building their homes on the sloping blocks around the South West.  The obvious choice of skylights and massive windows also gives the impression of having a much bigger space than the actual. Raking ceilings can add to the grandeur.

The Cost of Living


Many sloping site custom designed M Sky homes are built to promote sustainability. Properly sourced materials with careful strategic planning can significantly reduce your energy bills as well as provide a more naturally occurring drainage. Talk to us about this when you contact us. 
The use of skylight and massive windows can aid in the ventilation and provide natural lighting that would then reduce the use of air conditioning and lights. Naturally occurring drainage on the other hand, signifies less need for installation of artificial drainage systems which would not only be sustainable but also practical. 

Work With Us


If you are planning to effectively enjoy the advantages mentioned above, the crucial first step is to find a partner that is well-versed in designing your dream home. 
M Sky Homes has been in the industry for quite a while. We have a strong track record of beautifully designed and liveable homes that have won many an award.  We can work with you through the design and build process or build from existing plans. We’re all about making building a home a positive and pleasurable experience.
If you are having a hard time trying to visualise a custom design for your hillside haven, Worry no longer...  we have a vast collection of trending home designs that can be altered to suit your taste without a problem.  

Pacific 280

One of the designs we are most proud of is the Pacific 280 . This floor plan offers a broad range of possible housing solutions for steep sites. 

It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double garage plan. This design is ideally suited to sites with excessive up sloping land or those with floor requirements preventing a large area of lower floor habitable spaces.
You can access the upper floor via an external set of stairs which is about the lower floor double garage. The front porch provides access to the entry, which is adjacent to the 4th bedroom which boasts it's very own ensuite.  Perfect for a guest room or even an Airbnb Room!

Grasstree 290

The idea behind the Grasstree 290 design is to leave an impression that is liveable yet stylish with efforts to maximise natural topography. 

It is a 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom, double garage plan. Two of the beds and 1 bath are located on the lower floor together with a separate water closet, laundry, and a large wrap-around patio. An internal staircase provides access from the lower floor to the upper floor where you shall then find Bed 1 and the adjoining study wing, offset and angled from the rest of the upper floor rooms which also includes an ensuite and Walk-In-Robe (WIR). The dining, lounge, and kitchen are placed at the back and open onto the side and rear Alfresco. The powder and double garage complete the upper floor areas and also includes an impressive media with double cavity sliding doors


We Think Differently

These are just a few of the designs that we are very proud to share with you. Should you feel like you want something changed or added to fulfil your vision at the same time provide further comfortability and security for your family, we will not hesitate to work it out with you in every step of the way.            Think differently with us, contact us now.

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