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Custom Designs for Your Narrow Lot Dream Home

Today, customization of homes doesn't just mean choosing your External facade,  or what colour blinds and curtains to install,  or how to place your furniture.
Thanks to the internet and social media, home owners have as much opinion as architects on what their houses should look like. This has forced the players in the industry to think beyond a few standard designs and floor plans and focus on more customer centric models that suit the individual tastes of the owner. M Sky Homes has been building custom designed homes for years now,  and have mastered the art. 

Do you want your home to stand out, looking contemporary and classy? Or maybe your surroundings are so beautiful that you want your house to blend into the landscape. M Sky Homes is a dedicated custom home builder  with a huge design library that we have compiled through our experience over years in the industry. Many of the homes started as a custom designed home for individual clients and blocks.  We understand the aspirations of home owners to have a personal touch to their homes and strive to give shape to their dreams. We have won many Awards for this. 

Very often the shape and contour of the land also forces people to have to choose custom design. If you have a sloping site or a block with irregular contours, you might want a builder with specialized experience in building on slopes. Here's where M Sky Homes stands strong in the market.  It is important that the foundation is laid in such a way that it mitigates the incline of the ground. Whether you want a house plan with stepped stories that blends into a hillside or one with a cantilever that stands out over the slope, our design library has plenty to offer, and if it doesn't have exactly what you are looking for we can create a custom design that works. 

Maybe you have a narrow site which you thought to be unsuitable for your dream abode. However, the narrow house ideas in the design library of  M Sky Homes bespoke builder  are  sure to change your mind.

Can you imagine designing  your home,  and then enjoying living in it with two stories on a super narrow block? Or designing and living in your new home that steps it's way up or down the hill.... Yes we built incredible homes on even the most difficult landscapes! 

Take a look at our previous builds on limiting sites.  We have a wide variety of residential plans that are harmoniously crafted to make your house feel spacious inside even if it is built on a small block of land.

M Sky Homes - Southwest WA, has many years experience as a local builder and has access to an extensive network of local suppliers who can supply custom building materials in the shortest possible time.  We are located conveniently in Dunsborough, and all aspiring homeowners in and around Bunbury, Dunsborough, Busselton, Dardanup, and areas near Margaret River and  are able to provide efficient and personal customer service to our clients in the region.

We are flexible and open to a diversity of ideas from our clients about their needs and requirements in their home,  and we strive to realize their vision in the most affordable way, and in the shortest time span possible.

Our experience in Custom design, and also in narrow lot house construction, and construction on sloping contoured sites have left a lasting legacy among homeowners in the region.

We provide the best in terms of quality and affordability to our customers along with the widest variety of choices for home ideas. 

Why not get in touch with us to discuss your next project. 
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