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Design Orientation New Homes

Here at M Sky Home we build a large range and style of different homes within the South West of WA from Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River, we focus on ensuring our new Home designs are custom-designed to suit the block.

Orientation plays a major factor in good design, all our standard model homes can be custom-designed to suit the block and our clients needs, we also offer a full custom-design service so we can achieve maximum results.

The below information is a basic guide for the west Australian climate zone.

The Northern side of the home here in Western Australia should be maximised because of the position of the sun in summer and winter this makes these rooms a comfortable temperature all year, we try to ensure we place High use areas such as Kitchens, Family rooms and entertaining areas to this side of the home.

The East and Western side of the home can become uncomfortable in summer, so we try and place less used areas to this side of the home such as the Laundry, Garage, Storerooms and Bathrooms. 

The South side receives cool breezes in the summer and winter the placement of bedrooms to the southside is the best solution as it’s always nice to snuggle under the blanket.


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