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Homes on small, narrow, and sloping sites

If you have a small or narrow site,  chances are that you would have been turned down by builders in the past.  They would have given you a long lecture on why it is not possible to build houses on such blocks.  And they would have been right...half a century ago! 🤦‍♂️😉

Times have changed and today more and more Australians are reluctant to leave their irregularly shaped piece of land unused. This aspiration of the clients is largely what has inspired M Sky Homes to gather together a whole design library of well thought-through plans that our own team of expert architects and designers have worked on through the years.

M Sky Homes  are experienced and well versed in building narrow homes and houses on sloping sites and we can build your home on your haphazardly shaped lot as per your unique requirements and passions!

Throughout South West WA - the Margaret River region, Busselton, Geographe Bay, Dunsborough, Bunbury, and all areas in between,  land is becoming more expensive and more sort after, therefore, many sites that previously would never have been considered as a building site are now being bought and built on.

M Sky Homes, is a custom home builder, but we have a wide range of custom designs in our Design Library, which resulted from years of experience in Narrow house and sloping site construction.

We not only adapt and customize our designs to suit your block requirements adhering to all the local South West WA Councils regulatory norms, but we  can offer you this service with short lead times.  That's got to be a win for a custom design builder in Western Australia!

As a custom design builder, M Sky Homes pay enormous attention to detail in making sure that every square meter of your dream abode can be used and every room and corner is big enough for you to fit your furnishings and other household accessories like your fridge or washing machine.

We have multiple designs for houses on small blocks or sloping sites in our modern design library and you will most definitely find one that suit you.

If you can't find what you are looking for on our website,  we have architects and designers that can help!

M Sky Homes is a bespoke builder who realizes clients' unique and unconventional home ideas. If you want your house to stand out in the community or if you want a house plan that reflects your singular taste and living style, then we are the right people to call.

Our extensive building experience in a vast variety of coastal and country settings has made us aware of the constantly changing design trends and has made us capable of conjuring up living spaces for the most difficult of sites following the best quality standard practices.

To start your building journey with a company who is locally owned and operated,  a builder who allows you to take part in the journey of the build, then connect with us.  

Experience the M Sky Difference.

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