Is Custom Designing Your New Home the Best Option? photo

Is Custom Designing Your New Home the Best Option?

When you start thinking about building a new home for yourself in the South West Region of Western Australia, What are the first steps you take to get the process moving, in your head and on paper? 

All of us live somewhere already,  we have a home, either of our own, or one that we are renting. Perhaps you are living in a townhouse in Dunsborough,  or a home in Margaret River Region.  Within that home, there are features and elements that you love and some you don't like so much.  Often, you actually don't think about it too much, you just live there, hang out, do what you have to do, and life goes on. 
But the moment you start considering building,  everything comes to your attention. 

Am I right?                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The cost of real estate,  existing homes, blocks of land... down to the size of the kitchen in the home where you're currently living, the bathroom,  the shape of the deck and the aspects of all of these... the kids bedrooms, the second living area... everything is suddenly very obvious!

Sometimes you can't believe you haven't noticed these things before!

Social Media is helpful in a lot of ways now days, as you can check out Instagram and Pinterest,  Facebook, along with multiple other channels - there are so many options available,  that help you get an idea of what you like and what you want in your new home.

Just using Google to discover some new ideas can bring a fresh new meaning to the different living spaces within your home.

If you are lacking inspiration, M Sky Homes have lots of done-for-you designs where you can start, most of them originated as someone's custom designed home, then we made the standard design because they "worked"- check them out here, and see which ones suit you.  If none of these plans work perfectly for you,  start your custom design process yourself by drawing where you want each room, each storage, each outdoor space. Check out some of our custom designed homes here

NOW, the first and most IMPORTANT thing to create a home that is amazing to live in, is the Orientation of the home on your site, or block of land. This is the single most important aspect of design knowledge. This makes all the difference to all other decisions you will make in the home you are about to create.

Once you have put your design ideas on paper,  you can bring them to M Sky Homes and we can get our design team to draw them up for you.

After the Design Consultation it usually takes a few rounds to get it to how you like it, so it is important that you make the concept drawings as close to what you are thinking you would like in your home as possible.  This can be a huge learning curve for potential home buyers.

Of course, with any custom design, the entire process can take a while to get right. As well as the sunlight orientation and placing your home in the right spot on your block, there are  lots of other important steps and processes to getting it right.

Budget is also one of the determining factors to your custom design home. If you have a limited budget, you will need to think about how to create a home within that tight budget that has all the desired features. The design choice can play a huge part in this. The interior design can be basic but if it has nice shape and a neutral colour scheme,  you can basically put anything into your home that you love without breaking the bank on all those TV commercial kitchens, or interior inclusions.

Thinking outside the square can save you literally thousands.  Simple things like a large open plan living space, and extra rooms that you don't really need or won't use,   just two bathrooms, instead of 3 or 4; 2550 high ceilings instead of raking ceilings... clever use of light from well placed windows is important and essential to how you live and feel in your home. Even if you can't fit out your home exactly as you like it now, create the spaces, size them well, and connect them with each other. Doing this now when you are in the planning will pay long term lifestyle dividends. 

Other important things to consider when you are designing a home are:

How much privacy do you have at your front door when someone comes to it?

Can they see straight into your living space or is there a barrier, so that if you don't see inside easily. 

Placing your windows around the home in spots that don't look directly into your neighbours home is an important consideration.

Can you watch your kids at play and get to them easily if there is a problem... how easy is it to mingle within your spaces, both indoor and outdoor? Is there a connectiveness within your home and the spaces there.  This will also improve your security.

 Positioning your Kitchen centrally within your home is an important feature that will make it so much more functional. You need to be able to watch your kids at play, whether its in the yard, or in the pool.

Clever use of space to hide your clutter is also a way to ensure that you feel more comfortable and at ease within your home. A butlers pantry is a great idea for all those appliances that need to be stored on the bench because you use them all the time. A sink in there is a great idea too if you don't like mess on the kitchen bench.

Remember that tastes and trends change over time, so go with neutrals for the items that are expensive and fixed. Add your personal touches and latest fashionista tastes to the soft furnishings and less expensive finishes.

We all want to thrive within our home environments, so think about all the above as you design.

 If you need help creating your family home Contact us here. 

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