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Living the Dream in the South West of WA

Ahhhh the Australian Dream!  Has it changed over the years,  or is the same as it has always been?  Think back to when our parents bought their first property or block of land.... was it a 600 square metre block, was it an acre,  or perhaps it was acreage... somewhere you could spread out and have a big shed with all the farm essentials... 

So,  has the dream changed,  or has it shifted....?  

Lets look at the average sized block in any Australian City suburb.

According to and All Down Under,  the average size of a block of land in Australia  nowdays is 274m2 -  with the average house size being 235m2.

How can this be? Don't we love having a big backyard, to host the summer bbq and family cricket match? The reality of it all, is that times have changed drastically over the last ten to twenty years.  Instead of the kids playing in the backyard, they usually stay inside on the computer or their device, either doing homework, watching TV or playing games.  When they play sport, it is usually a team managed and organised game or practice, done at a local sportsground or gym or park.

We do however,  still hold our Australian dream, however that looks to you as an individual.  Yes, it has shifted from what it was 20 years ago,  but lets see  what we Aussies are doing now in 2020 when we are building our new homes. 

Here in the South West region - Dunsborough, Margaret River, Geographe Bay, Busselton, Mandurah and the areas surrounding us,  the house and block sizes are generally bigger than the national average, because Western Australians love a little more space around them.  However, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has projected that Australia's population will soar over the next 60 years. Western Australia is expected to grow faster than any other state or territory in the country. The ABS has projected WA to nearly double in size by 2040, from 2.4 million people to 4.7 million.

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has a big job on their hands, to manage this expansion well, and to ensure that WA remains a desirable place to live. Read more about the R-Zoning codes for Busselton Council in Western Australia here

So, our dreams have changed a little,  generally smaller blocks of land, but we are opting for bigger homes. Australia falls just behind the US on the average sized homes market.  They build the largest homes in the world, and we are close behind them.  WA is actually at the top of the list in Australia with the biggest sized homes on average. 

Here is where M Sky Homes can help!  We have a huge library of standard designs that you can browse through anytime you like,  but we also specialise in Custom Designed homes.  You get to plan, design and create the Australian Dream home of your choice, and according to your budget.  Download our design magazine here

With the Australian Federal Budget 2020 reigniting the dream of home ownership, it is certainly great news for builders and home buyers alike. The extension of the first home loan deposit scheme will run until 30th June 2021. With access to the HomeBuilder program as well, it is the perfect time to invest in your Australian Dream!

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