Textures and Layering in Your New M Sky Home photo

Textures and Layering in Your New M Sky Home

Your M Sky Homes Colours and finishes

The months of designing and building, and the hours of stressing over your new home are over… the keys have been handed to you and you are the King and Queen of your stunning M Sky Homes castle.

Now comes the fun part of setting up your home to create a space that is cosy, comfortable and reflects your style.

We love this part!

Depending on what type of person or family you are, your home can be simply a place to hang your hat and eat your meals,  or it can be a place to have a lifestyle; to invite friends and family over and to create dreams in.

We like to think of ourselves as the latter… a family who loves to create dreams and memories.

A home, in essence, is the purified space to be yourself… to grow, to explore, to prosper.  Yes, we build homes, but we believe that by creating you a place that you love to come home to, we are also encouraging you to enjoy  a lifestyle where you will flourish.  

Living in the South West of Western Australia, namely the Margaret River Region, this is definitely not to hard to do 😊

So, let’s talk textures and layering….

What does Layering textures actually mean?

We will start with the floor.

All interior designers usually start with the floor. 


Because it forms a base to work from and makes it so much easier to build your colour scheme.

The floor can be quite a few different looks… ranging from Timber, Vinyl Plank, Laminate, Carpet, through to tiles and polished concrete. All of the preceding finishes create a different look… so that is the first thing to decide.

What is your look?

Everything will flow from this decision.

Next you choose the bathroom vanities, tapware and hardware, the kitchen finishes and colours, the wall colours, the trim colours, the blinds or curtain colours and styles.

All items mentioned above are called your fixtures and fittings. They are the non-negotiables, the items that can’t easily be changed.

So now we layer. We introduce soft furnishings to create texture and ambience to your space.

Next big decision is your lounge and dining table.  But especially the lounge.  Careful choices here are important as this big ticket item will be with you for quite a few years.  So choose a lounge that has style,  but is also very comfortable to sit in,  or you will not be happy.  Trust me.

Leather lounges are beautiful to look at, but don’t always provide a comfortable place to relax if you live in a hot humid climate.  Just something to consider. 

Personally I love leather lounges.  They are classy, easy to clean and last a long time. Totally worth the extra dollars needed to invest in one.

So what colour will you choose?  Again, this will depend on the look you are wanting to go for. There are so many beautiful colours and textures available in lounges now, that this is exciting and fun process.

If you go for something neutral, you are more likely to love the look for a lot longer than if you got a lounge that is bright and super trendy…  my advice is to go with something that is either Tan, Chocolate, White, or any varying shade of grey.

The same applies in your bedrooms,  bedheads or bed frames that are a neutral colour (in my world I prefer everything to be white) and then everything goes with it, no matter what the fashion at the time.

Now you have the main fixtures and fittings, lounges and beds sorted, we move onto the layering and textures that you add to these to make it look like a display home,  or at least to make it look homey and comfortable… and to be the space that you can’t wait to sit in and enjoy.

Cushions! Yes, and Throws. The perfect combination for comfort and style in your home. They come in various shapes, colours and styles, but essentially they add that finishing touch that makes a room look cosy and inviting, rather than stark and cold.  The colours are up to you and what you love, but I would put at least three cushions on each lounge… and depending on the type and size of the lounge, you can use up to 6 or 7 for a truly lovely look. 😊

Bedrooms in your beautiful  M Sky Home are the same… using your doona cover and pillows as the back drop, use cushions to bring it to life … and change them up every so often for a different look.

Other items of consideration for texture and layering are:  Wall hangings – the type and style. This can vary between paintings, prints, photographs, handmade ones, such as macramé or crochet…. So many amazing options!  The rule of thumb with these is to place them strategically around the room where you can enjoy them, or where they set off the style of your room.

Another excellent way to decorate or make a space look great is to use mirrors… but we will talk about this in another blog.

No matter what your style is,  be creative. With fashion and in this case, home styling, play with cushions and throws and easy chairs, until it feels right for you… until you feel confident that  it works together in some way.  

Be Creative, have fun, and enjoy your M SKY HOME!

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