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Trendiest Home Designs in 2021: Is It Time For A House Design Upgrade?

Every year on the first day of January, it is not only the calendar year that changes.

We also see the colour of the year updated, new clothes displayed, new hairstyles featured, and new phone models released. 

But most importantly, we, the people, together with the ever changing technology and trends, also evolve. 

As we, and everything around us evolve, it is only natural for us to feel like we need some serious upgrades in our lives. It could be as simple as buying a new set of clothes or a new phone, and if you have a little more to spare, maybe even a new car. But what screams upgrade more than upgrading your home to suit your new lifestyle?

Before we go on let us be clear, we are not telling you to go and buy a house right now especially when you cannot afford it at the moment. Please don’t do that. However, even if you are not in the process of house buying yet, just carry on reading because we will try our best to provide you with as much useful information as we can so that when the time comes for you to buy your new home, you are well prepared. 

Out of all the trends, fashion, cosmetics, interior design, and business, house designs are probably the most overlooked. This is understandable because not everyone can join this trend. Frankly, it is quite an expensive trend to jump into but who’s to say that you cannot have a home that is always on trend since it is simply timeless.  Simple thought. 😉

MSky Homes have lots of bespoke home designs already done for you. These designs can be changed to suit your site, and needs. The finished product is up to you.  You decide what inclusions you want internally and externally.  Your budget, family dynamics and lifestyle will dictate this to a large extent. The design process is a fun way of incorporating your whole family into the project, ensuring from the outset that everyone gets at least a bit of a say into how they would like the spaces to look like. 

Grasstree Range

We have forged a reputation for creative design solutions on steep and challenging blocks – designs which are liveable yet stylish and maximising natural topography.

The lower floor of the Grasstree 265 includes 2-Bedrooms with Bathroom, separate WC, Laundry, Rumpus and large wrap-around Patio. The Grasstree 290 has a slightly different configuration with three-Bedrooms, but excludes the Rumpus. An internal staircase provides access from the lower floor to the upper floor, which is similar for both homes. 

The upper floor has bed 1 and Study wing offset and angled from the rest of the upper floor rooms and includes an Ensuite and Walk-In-Robe (WIR).

The Dining, Lounge, and Kitchen are placed at the back and open onto the side and rear Alfresco. The Powder and double Garage complete the upper floor areas while the Grasstree 290 also includes an impressive Media with double cavity sliding doors. 

Our Grasstree series will not only fulfill your dreams of a picturesque setting for your house but will also provide you with a well built structure that is a product of extensive preparation from our tradespeople. 

Gunnedah  Range

Because all blocks of land are not the same, the Gunnedah 205 and Gunnedah 225 take in view to the front of the home. The Lounge and DIning both have views to the front through large glass windows while an Alfresco and Patio also sit to the front. 

There are four-Bedrooms plus Study to the Gunnedah 225 and three-Bedrooms to the Gunnedah 205. Both homes include an Entry, Ensuite, Bathroom, WC, separate Laundry and double Garage. 

Internal access from the garage opens directly into the Kitchen, making the transfer of groceries from the car into the homes a breeze. 

Our Gunnedah Range with its country-style designs can bring everyone together for fun and entertaining activities with its acreage spacious floor plans, giving you creative freedom to build out your yard just the way you want it. 

Kazan 525 Duplex


The Kazan 525  was purposely designed for narrow metropolitan sites with the upper floor inset due to potential local authority building plane envelope and overlooking requirements), and the double Garage stretched beyond the upper floor to take advantage of “zero-boundary” sites. 

The design is highly functional with the Entry, Family (first living space), Walk-In-Pantry (WIP), Dining, Nook, Laundry, Garage, undercover Alfresco and Powder with vanity on the lower floor. The Nook is purposely placed on the lower floor and adjacent to the Powder, Entry and Garage for those who work from home.

To the side of the Entry is the internal stairs to the upper floor where the Rumpus (second living space), covered Balcony, Bed 1 with tv recess, large Ensuite with enclosed WC and Walk-InRobe (WIR), Bed 2, Bathroom, WC 2, Powder 2 and Bed 3 reside. Above the Entry is the Void which creates a sense of openness which is hard to achieve on both narrow sites and within duplex homes. The Void also doubles as a simple way of communicating between the lower floor and upper floor and checking who is at the Porch front door.

The Kazan 525 makes excellent use of the available space with built-in linen’s galore on both the lower floor and upper and Store beneath the stairs for more substantial items or dirty shoes. The two dwellings are separated by an NCC required separation (dividing) wall and subdivision may be permissible subject to local authority requirements.

Our Kazan Range is designed with the outward appearance of a single-family dwelling yet features two-distinct entries, which is usually cheaper than building separate houses.


Livingston Range

The Livingston 285 with a four-Bedroom house and attached two-Bedroom granny flat is the ideal home for so many reasons: Do you have an elderly parent or parents whom you’d rather care for locally than in a nursing home? Check. Do you have an older child who will shortly be starting their own family and need their own space but can’t quite afford their own home? Check. And do you want to invest in bricks and mortar for your future and bring in some rental income? Check. The Livingston 285 truly checks all the boxes.

The Livingston 285 includes all of the features you’d come to expect in a four-Bedroom home from the multiple award-winning M Sky Homes design team: Two living spaces; large covered outdoor entertaining space; open plan, well-thought-out spaces; ample storage; large kitchen; dedicated laundry and then they’ve seamlessly attached a two-Bedroom granny flat to the side!

Towards the front of the main residence, you’ll find the double car Garage, covered Porch, Entry, separate well placed Media, Bed 4 and multiple enclosed storage spaces. A short stroll down the Hall and you’ll be presented with the large and spacious open plan Kitchen, Dining and Family opening onto the covered Alfresco outdoor space through a large bi-parting sliding door. To the right of the Kitchen is Bed 3, Bathroom, Powder, enclosed WC and Bed 2 with its own private Hall to reduce sound transfer and truly define the spaces. To the right of the Family living space, there is a dedicated Walk-in-Linen (WIL), Bed 1 with a large walk-through Walk-In-Robe (WIR) and the parents Ensuite.

The attached granny flat positioned to the left of the main residence features its own covered Porch, Bed 2, open plan Kitchen, Meals and Lounge, separate Bathroom with Laundry facilities within and Bed 1 with private covered Patio.

Many local authorities have developed fast track, and streamlined options for approval and some are waiving the rather expensive developer contributions so it makes sense attached and detached granny flats are popping up all over Australia.

The main residence and attached granny flat are separated by an NCC required separation (dividing) wall.

Our Livingston Range is a materialization of practicality, security, and comfort that should be found in every home. 

Quality Builds By Us

The designs we have provided are not even half of what we have to offer.  Check out our design magazine here to see various dynamic designs that can be altered to suit your site and needs while taking your budget into consideration. 

One of the hottest designs that we have at the moment is this two-storey house designed by the talented Rebecca Richards Design & Drafting. A symbol of modern elegance and timeless beauty materialized in a fine architectural work - make sure to check out this stunning two-storey house.

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