Why the South West of WA is a great place to live! photo

Why the South West of WA is a great place to live!

Try to recall the relaxing places that you see in postcards. The captivating beauty of the image that is so inviting you wanted to transport yourself in the picture right then and there. 

But what if we told you there is an easy way to pursue your dream of living in a picturesque location? 

Yes, there is! 

One of the most beautiful postcard worthy places is the South West of Western Australia. Boasting some of  the states’ best beaches, forests, wine regions, and natural parks, it's living like a holiday, everyday. 

But hold on! Before you actually start packing your things and moving, let us tell you more about the dream that is the South West. 

The South West is a modest region in Western Australia known for its tourism, food, industry sectors, and biodiversity. With the character of a small city but the strength of a major city, it's no wonder that more and more people are considering building their holiday paradise in the region. It's close enough to the major city of Perth for many people to feel comfortable that they have the ability to drive there to purchase furniture or other big items, as well as the great shopping that's readily available in the cities!

The Peace and Quiet

The atmosphere of the South West is generally relaxed. The Coastal towns such as Dunsborough, Busselton, and Margaret River are well known, and there are several inland towns such as Manjimup and Donnybrook to name only a couple,  that are only a stone throw away from the coast, provide its inhabitants with a steady sense of calm that is in huge contrast to the stressful bustling major cities.

The biggest town in the region is Bunbury, but even with more than 60,000 occupants within the city and its surrounding areas, it is still considered relatively slow paced.

The Lifestyle

Your usual sleep-eat-work-repeat lifestyle would not be exactly fit into a place such as the South West. 😉 With everything that it has to boast about its famous wineries and distilleries, and great places to eat, as well as the beautiful hiking trails and surfing beaches, you would be easily encouraged to participate in such activities. It will not only motivate you to get up and get moving but at the same time it will also be a feast for your eyes everywhere you go. 

And if you consider yourself more of a homebody, not to worry, there is always an option of creating your own fantastic outdoor space. M Sky Homes certainly know the area well enough to help you design the perfect living areas within and outside your home. The Mediterranean climate in the region allows for great outdoor picnics in the summer and the warm cosy fire and barbecue when it gets colder just like a little adventure at home. 

The Neighbourhood

Moving to a new place always means being a part of a new community. This might be a difficult situation in the major cities but it is much  easier in smaller towns. Because of the smaller population, it is easier for the people to be able to see each other and interact. Establishing a sense of familiarity makes it easier to build a strong sense of community. We’re talking actual friendships here. It’s not just interactions limited to a few hi’s and hello’s but a full blown conversation that often leads to Sunday brunch, a wine tour together,  and weekend beach trips. 

The Move

If you were completely encouraged by the reasons above to finally put down the postcards you have been dreaming about and actually start living in the picturesque South West, we support you 100%. 😍

Although the prospect of moving to a completely different place in a completely different environment might be overwhelming at first, it’s really not as hard as you might think as long as you have the right people to help you. 

Of course, there are a lot of things you have to consider before you are making the move; like the specific town you want to settle in, the budget and plans for your new home, the proximity of your neighbourhood to hospitals, schools, offices,  supermarkets and other commercial establishments.

What type of work you do will also be a major contributing factor. 

Major towns in the South West like Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough, Geographe Bay, and Bunbury might differ in the kind of friendly neighbourhoods and developing industries within their own areas, but they all share the same laid-back energy that just reminds you of paradise.

Once you have settled on the location, you now have to plan for your new home. Of course, to make life so much easier, you can always just buy a fully-furnished house to be less concerned about construction dilemmas. 

But how could you truly live the dream without your custom dream home?

Luckily, building your dream home is not as complicated as it seems either. Quality and trusted home builders exist in the South West.

Companies like - M Sky Homes! We aim to provide you with a positive and pleasurable experience in building your home.

M Sky Homes has been in operation in the region for a long time and the founder, Brett Baker, has been in the construction industry for an even longer time of 20 years. Brett moved away from volume building industries and started the company to concentrate on custom designing and building quality homes in towns like Dunsborough, Busselton, Geographe, Yallingup and the surrounding areas, homes that are beautiful, but that fit within the clients’ budgets. 

We have had countless projects within the area so you can be certain that we know our  way around the towns and neighbourhoods, as well as having  connections to the right local suppliers that can provide quality materials that are locally sourced and sustainable and will stand the test of time. 

The amount of time and effort that is put on the careful planning, pricing, and consideration for our clients for your custom dream home does not only guarantee that it is well within budget, and will not put a strain on your finances, but will also make sure that it is more than just a place to live. It is also a place to share new fond memories with your family, friends, and new neighbours. 

So just imagine living everyday like a holiday, in a place that looks like it's straight out of a postcard; in a home built just the way you like…

or you can stop imagining and make it happen.🙌

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